Giant Parrot Tub


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The bath is an activity acclaimed by birds and parrots like large parakeets appreciate them very much.
The parrot bathtub is a bathtub suitable for large birds, it is very versatile and can be hung both inside the cage and outside.
Thanks to its wooden perch, access to the bathtub is easy. The adjustable width makes it possible to adapt to the size of the bird.
Easy to clean, the parrot tub is a thoughtful accessory.
It can be hung in the cage or outside and will fit on any cage.

Splash Giant Parrot Bath Features:
– Accessories for large parakeets and parrots
– Spacious
– In blue plastic
– Easy to clean
– Pivoting wooden perch with two possible settings
– To be hung inside or outside the cage
– Dimensions of the accessories: L 38 x W 24 x H 28 cm


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